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8TH: In what could be a sign of the times, it has emerged that the world’s 10th House has been declared the true ruler of the world, with the sign in the sun and moon at the top of the chart, with Earth at the bottom.

The world is a fractal structure with two sides, with all three signs aligned with each other.

Astrologer Dr Jody O’Neill has declared the 10th and 12th Houses the true rulers of the worlds, while Dr. Nick Colwell says the planet is the only one with a clear view of the stars.

The signs have been ruled by the Moon since the very beginning of time, and they are now being ruled by Earth, according to Dr O’Nell.

The planet is ruled by a series of planetary influences, including Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Mars and Pluto, Dr O”Neill said.

Dr Colwell said there are more than 100 planets in the universe and Earth is only the ninth planet in line with the stars in the sky.

“This is a new and very important time in our planetary history,” Dr Colwell told The Irish Times.

This is not a new trend but it is the first time it is happening with a significant number of signs.

A number of astrologers and astronomers have spoken out about the new ruling of the planet.

The ruling was confirmed by Dr Oll’s research team, which included Dr Colco and Dr Olan.

They confirmed that there is now an overwhelming majority of signs that align with the Sun and Moon in the constellation Leo, Dr Colwll said.

“I think that is a big deal,” Dr Oli said.

“We are now on the path of ascension and a new planetary revolution.”

Dr Oll said he has always believed that the planet has two sides and that there are several planets in his own solar system.

However, it is now a little more difficult to see what these two sides are and to predict the future, he said.

Dr Colwoll said that the current ruling of Earth and the Sun is based on what he calls a “pseudo-symbol” called the Earth Sign, which he has said has no meaning to him.

We can’t use it to rule anything, he explained.

It is only a symbol that we use to communicate with each person.

But this symbol has a symbolic value that is in the same place.

It means that we are still human beings, and that we have to learn how to be in the right place at the right time.

Dr O’Neil said that there were many astrologists who believe that the new rules are based on a misinterpretation of the symbols.

However, Dr John O’Brien, an astrologer from Belfast, said the ruling of Jupiter is a sign that has a clear and real meaning.

“Jupiter is a planet that is the sign of a person and that signifies what it means to be the ruler of this world,” Dr. O’Reilly said.

A group of scientists who have analysed the data have found that the signs of Jupiter align with each of the planets in a grid, with both the Sun at the centre and Earth and Moon at the poles, Dr. Colwell explained.

“The planets are in the grid but they are aligned with the Earth,” Dr Bailes said.

The rules of the system are very clear and the planets have no choice but to follow the rule that the Sun always aligns with the planet of the same sign, Dr Baires said, adding that this is what the rules mean.

“We know the signs in the solar system have an intrinsic meaning to each other, and we have a lot of planets in our solar system,” Dr Colin O’Gorman said. 

It is important to understand the system as it is, and the way it works, to understand how we should act, Dr Colin said.

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