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The Leo astrologic sign has been the subject of much speculation since the 18th century, with some astrologers claiming the sign was actually a combination of a human and animal.

According to some versions of the story, Leo was born in the seventh house, and his mother was a fish, while the sign is attributed to a lion, an eagle and a dog.

Astrologers have argued that the sign represents a combination between both the human and the animal.

In other words, Leo could be a lion or a fish and still be a dog and a human.

While some believe Leo’s house is an animal, others believe the sign has the power to be a human, as well.

According the Astrology Bible, the sign “is an animal sign, a sign that shows the power of love and a sign of the harmony of the planets.

It is a sign, for instance, that indicates that the solar system is aligned with the Earth and that the stars are moving to the right.

The sign has a human meaning, as a symbol of love.

The house in which the sign occurs has a physical meaning.”

Astrology says that Leo’s zodiac sign is Pisces, which means “brightness, fire, energy, health” in Latin.

The book also states that Leo was the first human to be born in Pisces.

In 1882, Leo’s astrolabe was found at the foot of the Tower of London, which has become the center of the British monarchy since 1649.

The zodiac signs have also been associated with the Greek philosopher Aristotle, who was born around the same time.

In the 19th century French astrologer Nicolas Marat coined the name “Ceres” to describe the sign.

In 1926, Leo became the first person to be named an “Astronomer-in-Chief” when he was elected as the new U.S. president.

Astrology predicts that Leo will become the new president in 2020.

What do you think of the Leo astrology reading?

Tell us in the comments below.

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