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After winning an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, Dorn was asked to help his friend, actor William Shatner, navigate the political turmoil and global upheaval that surrounded him as the show’s star.

The two had been discussing a project that Dorn said he wanted to do that Shatns was working on, but Shatners project had been delayed due to politics in his home country.

Dorn had the idea to ask Shatning what it was like to navigate political upheaval in his native country, and the actor said he was “absolutely blown away” by the suggestion.

He said he then reached out to Dorn for a similar kind of advice.

The pair eventually agreed to form an astrology consulting group called Astrology Consultants, and Dorn has since been quoted as saying the group is “an astrology research and development and research and consulting firm.”

Now that Shats work is moving forward, Dorns astrology advice is going viral.

He told ABC News, “We’re just doing this as a group and working out of a studio in New York, and we’ve got an agreement in place to work together to provide astrology and astrology consultations.”

Dorn added that the group has a “high level of respect for each other’s beliefs and our beliefs as well,” and said, “Our relationship with him, and this is a group of friends, is very respectful.

We’re not just going to say, ‘Hey, this is what we’re going to do,’ and just throw it out there.”

The group has now been featured on Reddit, where its members are sharing their insights and experiences on how to navigate politics and make decisions on behalf of their country.

Redditors have even begun calling it the “Star Trek” astrology group.

The group recently published a guide for newbies to navigating the world of political uncertainty, and it is already receiving thousands of “Star-Wars” fans.

According to the subreddit for the group, the astrology consultants group has had an “overwhelming” response from its members.

The astrology advisors also have had a hard time staying focused and keeping up with the pace of events, Duanne said.

“We were just trying to do what we had to do, which was, like, we’re not doing this to be popular,” she said.

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