Best Indian Astrologer


Find out the meaning of a word in a sentence to find out if it’s a question mark, question mark with an ‘S’, question mark and a space between them or another word with the same meaning.


If you can’t find the answer in the sentence, ask yourself if you can guess the meaning.


Ask yourself if the answer is right.


If the answer does not fit with your previous answer, ask why not.


If it does, it is the right answer and you can use this knowledge to make your own astrology chart.


If this chart does not suit you, try the astrology website


Try a few other questions to see if the answers match.


If that doesn’t work, try to see what the astrologers’ meanings are and ask yourself what they mean.


Ask about other aspects of your life that you find interesting, and compare them to what the signs tell you about yourself.


If one of the signs doesn’t suit you at all, ask what other aspects do you think could suit you better.


Do this again and again until you find your sign.


If there are no signs that suit you any more, ask if you need to try something else.


If your sign doesn’t fit any of the answers, then try the next question.


If no sign works, try another question.


If neither answer works, then you are likely to be in the wrong sign.


You can check the meaning and meaning of words on a sign chart online by going to 17.

The sign chart also includes questions for different aspects of life, like the meaning or meaning of the word you are trying to answer, whether it’s correct or not, and how much you want to know about that aspect of life.


If all the answers in the sign chart don’t work for you, ask about what you should have done in the past.


Make a list of questions to ask yourself at the beginning of the next astrology month and keep them for the next.


Make your own chart by looking at the chart and answering the questions.

You could then look up a sign in the astrological encyclopedia or from the sign’s name.


There are also some other useful websites for astrology that may be of interest, such as and

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