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It’s been a long time since the last time I went to the temples of India, but when I return to the UK this weekend, I’m excited to take a look at what I found.

Here’s how to get to know the people of my ancient homeland.


Get an appointment to the temple 1.

Pick a date Pick a time of the day and you can start planning your evening.

This includes picking a time for tea and eating with friends.


Get your own temple mat 3.

Head out to the site Visit the Hindu temple of Tirupati on the outskirts of Delhi.

In front of you is a tall, circular temple that was built by the Hindus and the Jains as a place to spend a long night in peace.

The Hindu temple is built on a hilltop in a small village called Dharavi in Tamil Nadu.


Find your temple mat The temple mat is a beautiful wooden block of bamboo and is the main part of the temple.

There is a table, chairs, a bed and a table cloth.


Take the temple mat to the local bus stop A bus stop near the temple is located on the main road that runs along the road where the temple was built.

It’s a short distance from the temple, but can take a while to get there.


Go to the main temple complex Go to a main temple entrance in the south of the city, called Kala Prakashankar Temple.

You’ll see many large Hindu idols on the wall, and you’ll also find the temple in a larger building, called the Dharavati Temple.


Take your mat to a Hindu temple on a train The Hindu temples of Tirapati and Kala Patakankar have long been famous for their spectacular displays of Hindu deities.

There are also many temples in the area, and I often take my mat to one of them.

You can find the best spots to go to the Hindu temples on trains, usually at stations that are closer to the ground level.

If you want to go further, you can also take your mat in the temples’ main entrance at the top of the hill.

You won’t have to walk all the way there.


Head to the Kala temple In a small area at the bottom of the mountain, the temple of Kala has a lovely courtyard.

It is an open space with lots of seating and the grounds are full of Hindu relics and paintings.


Head for the temple by foot The most important thing about visiting a Hindu Temple is to head there by foot.

It takes around 20 minutes by foot to reach the temple itself, and the locals have been known to travel to the area by boat.

You will have to make your own journey, but you will have the chance to learn about the culture of the people and the local customs.


Visit the temple on foot at night You can easily visit a temple by night, but it is a little harder to get in at night.

The best times to visit are around 9pm to 6am.

The temple is usually open to the public during these times, and a special reservation is made for students and families.


Meet people in the temple At night, the crowd is bigger, and it’s a good idea to have a conversation with people from the community.

It also helps to have something to drink at the temple when you’re at home, because you can drink from the communal bowl.


Take a tour of the Hindu Temple There are many temples around the world, but India is one of the most famous ones.

It was founded in the 11th century, but since the 16th century it has been a place of pilgrimage for Hindu families and tourists.

The people of Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, have built a shrine in the city centre and it is still one of India’s most popular tourist destinations.

The shrine is dedicated to the god of the winds and winds is Indra.

The local people celebrate the birthday of this god, called ‘Jangal’.

This is the festival that marks the end of the Indian season.

There’s also the celebration of the death of the god, and when this happens, the townspeople of Tiruntelvel, who call it ‘Jangaan’, go to their village to offer prayers.

The festival is held at the same time every year.


Learn more about the Hindu Astrological system Astrology is an ancient religion that traces its roots back to the 6th century BCE.

It has become the dominant religion in many parts of the world today, and Hindu Astrologers are experts in the art of astrology.

They teach astrology to people of all ages and in all different cultures.


Get a guided tour by a Hindu Astrophysicist Indian Astrologer Dr Pratik Raghavan is one such astrologer.

He has been conducting astrological studies for over 30 years and has been working at

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