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The Nobel Prize in Literature has awarded the 2017 prize to the astrology memes that are popular in 2017. 

The awards ceremony, to be held in Stockholm on Thursday, is expected to include a live performance of a short spoken word by the winner.

The 2017 Nobel Prizes in Literature are awarded to the works of three authors of the best-selling, popular and innovative novels.

The first prize will be awarded to a book, film or short story which is “of lasting value”.

It will not be open to poetry, plays, essays or plays, as well as any other form of creative work.

The second prize will go to a work that “captures a moment or phase in the life of the author, or an epoch in the history of literature”.

The third prize will also be awarded for a work of “outstanding originality or originality in its own right, which cannot be adequately described by a genre, period or movement”.

The Nobel committee, in a statement, said the awards ceremony was “dedicated to the memory of the late Martin Luther King Jr, whose life, and the lives of his fellow citizens, were central to the struggle for justice and equality in America”.

“This is a time of great and growing social injustice and of great suffering, both at home and abroad,” the committee said.

“The Nobel Prize is intended to commemorate the people and institutions that have helped make America great.

The history of the prize and of America itself is a story of hope, and of a time when the world was not ready for a society that was prepared to say to its citizens that we are all equal.”

The 2017 winners are:The winner will be announced at a ceremony in Stockholm at 2pm BST on Thursday.

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