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Astrology is a very different kind of science than the study of the physical world, which is a subject that has been around for centuries, so it’s not the same.

However, in recent years astrology has seen an explosion of interest from a new generation of students.

One of those students is a 19-year-old named Anika Suresh, who has studied astrology from the time she was nine.

She says she has been learning it for the past seven years.

“I really like it because I like the fact that I can choose what I want to study,” she says.

“If I want more of a sense of purpose, I can just study astrology.

I don’t have to worry about anything.

I can study my dreams and how I feel when I’m in my dreams.”

Anika is a native of Bihar, India, but she moved to Mumbai, where she enrolled at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, and now lives in Delhi with her boyfriend.

Her interest in astrology began as a young girl, and as she got older, she began to understand that she was not just a girl who loved to read and study books about the celestial bodies.

But that didn’t stop her from taking up astrology as a hobby.

“My family is very religious, and I always wanted to be like them,” she explains.

“So, I decided to learn about astrology and start studying it.”

It was during this time that she became interested in astrological terms.

Her first astrologist told her that astrology could not be studied scientifically because of the fact it was not based on the physical universe, but on the inner thoughts of the people who created it.

She decided to start looking into it.

“After a while, I started going to different places to learn more about astrology,” she recalls.

“And I just started to notice that astrolognism has a lot to do with my inner-self.

I think that my inner self is a lot like astrologs inner thoughts.”

This inner self may also be related to what she’s learning about the inner workings of astrology—and its relationship to spirituality.

In her own life, she says she was born in rural Maharashtra, a region where people often pray together and take vows to devote their lives to the Hindu god Vishnu.

“People in the rural areas don’t pray in temples and we pray together,” she remembers.

“In those parts, people are really religious and they don’t want to waste their time on their prayers.

So, I think the inner-selves of astrologie people are very similar to people in rural India.

And in that sense, the inner self of the Hindu religion is very similar as well.”

“I think that if you study astrolography, you will have an inner self that’s very similar with people in the villages,” she continues.

“It is the innermost aspect of your soul that you’re studying.”

It’s a topic that is well understood by many astrologers, and the belief that this inner-Self is connected to spirituality is one of the most popular ones among them.

“Astrology is about how you connect with your inner-being,” says Kunal Sharma, an astrology professor at the National Institute of Astrology in New Delhi.

“This is one way in which you connect to the cosmos and to God.”

What’s more, astrologue teaches that your innermost self is connected with your destiny—or at least the way you see your destiny.

And it also teaches that the universe itself is connected.

“The innermost part of the soul is always connected to God,” says Anika.

“That’s the reason that astrologer tell us to follow the stars.”

But if the inner parts of the human being are connected to the universe, how can that be separated from spirituality?

“When you think about spirituality, you have to think about the divine,” says Sharma.

“We don’t think about our own existence.

We don’t talk about our inner- selves.

But when you study spirituality, your innerself becomes connected with God and everything.

And the inner selves are very connected to that.”

Astrology can be used to help people achieve inner peace and to get closer to God, says Anikas astrologist, Ramakrishna.

“What I do is I use astrology to help you see how you are with God.

And I also use it to help us achieve inner- peace,” she adds.

And what makes this process different from other astrolological practices is that it doesn’t rely on religion or superstition.

Instead, Anika and Ramakshan explain that it’s about understanding what’s going on inside your mind.

Astrologer Anika explains to her students how astrology is actually a way of seeing things from the point

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