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The Washington, D.C., area’s tattoo parlor is giving away two tattoos for $100 each.

The tattoo parlour in downtown Washington, DC, has been selling tattoos for a while, but now it is offering them for $50 each.

Athletic tattoos have become a popular item in the tattoo parlchere, but for a variety of reasons, including a growing number of people with a wide range of medical conditions, the tattoo business has been struggling to keep up with demand.

On Sunday, Tattoo Artist Mark Zwirner, owner of Tattoo Star Tattoo & Tattoo, offered $100 worth of tattoo designs for $75.

He said he wanted to offer a bit of a challenge to tattoo artists, who often struggle to meet demand.

The $100 offer includes two tattoos, the “Athlete” and “Tiger,” each of which costs $75 and can be customized to fit your preferences.

You can also choose from a variety a dozen designs that are sold separately, with a $5 donation per design.

Tattoo artist Mark Z. Zwyrner, who has been offering tattoo designs at the TattooStar Tattoo and Tattoo Tattoo in downtown D. C., said he was offering the tattoo designs as an incentive to help tattoo artists keep up their work.

Zwyrn, who started the shop in 2008, said he wants to make sure the people who have tattoos get a tattoo they can take home, rather than just a tattoo that is on their arm or arm or leg.

He noted that tattoos are often very visible, and the idea of giving them away for free was a way to show people that tattoos don’t need to be in a tattoo parlance, or a tattoo artist.

“They can make their own art and they can make a tattoo without having a tattoo,” Zwyrs said.

He also said that he wanted the tattoos to be something people can wear without feeling like they are wasting their money.

He said the business is expanding quickly, and has plans to offer up to 200 tattoo designs this summer.

He added that he hopes to have the first 100 tattoos sold in June.

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