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Vida Lopez, a 27-year-old Brazilian woman, has been diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas, the first case in the country since World War II, and her family believes she has to try her luck in the U.S. The case was reported by CNN.

She is currently hospitalized.

She had a routine checkup a few weeks ago and her doctors had no problem with her, according to her mother, Nana Lopez.

“We are very happy that she was treated,” she told CNN.

Lopez is the second Brazilian woman in recent months to seek treatment abroad.

In February, a woman in Brazil diagnosed with terminal cancer had her pancreases removed and was flown to the United States.

She was flown back to Brazil and her pancresis was successfully transplanted.

“This is a very sad day for the entire country, especially for us, who are very proud of her,” Lopez said.

“There is no doubt that this is a miracle, but also for her family that they were able to get a diagnosis.”

Her mother also noted that there are people in the world who have pancreatic cancers and don’t want to get tested, so they are unlikely to get the same kind of treatment that she did.

“It’s sad for everyone,” she said.

Lopez said she is grateful to her friends, family and the U-Haul crew who helped her find her new medicine.

She said the crew had a lot to say about the process and how difficult it was.

“They told me that I had to work very hard, that I couldn’t just sit at home and take it, and that I was going to have to go to the hospital,” Lopez told CNN affiliate Efe.

“So, thank you to the people who helped me, because it was really hard.”

Lopez said that her family is hoping that her pancreatic cancer diagnosis helps others like her.

“I hope that this can bring more awareness to other people and that people who have cancer will get the care they need,” she added.

Vida is the third woman in the United Kingdom to have pancreatitis, which is a form of cancer that affects the pancreses.

A fourth person has had pancreatitis in the past three years, according a news report from the Daily Mail.

It’s not clear how many other people in Britain have pancreatitic cancer.

Lopez’s family has been told that it is unlikely that she will live past her 90th birthday.

Lopez told the News of the World that she had hoped that her diagnosis would help her be more open about her diagnosis.

“My family told me to take this moment to really tell everyone that I am very happy, that everything is OK, that my disease is not terminal, that there is no cure for it,” she tweeted.

Lopez also posted on Facebook on Saturday that she wanted to thank her doctor, who told her she was “really lucky” to have survived.

“He is an amazing man who gave me the chance to live my life, that’s why I thank him,” she wrote.

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