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The next major astrology may be a bit different than what you might expect, according to the astrologer who helped write Trump’s “Astrology for Dummies” book.

Astrologer and author Robert M. Seelig told The Hill that his “Scorpio Astrological Signs and Predictions” book, which predicts the future, is not yet complete and would be published in 2018.

The book includes astrology predictions that are based on historical data and research that the book claims will prove astrologie “more accurate than common sense,” SeelIG said.

It’s not a prediction book that’s going to be sold anytime soon, SeelIGNIG said, but a book that will help astrologers predict the future.

In his book, SeellIG described a scenario where the country is on the verge of war with the United States and he predicts the United Kingdom will fall apart in 2019, leaving the U.S. with a powerful ally.

In the book, Trump predicts the U:T.

will enter the 21st century with a strong military and a large military budget and will dominate the world.

In a statement to The Hill, Segelig said, “My book is a guide to the future and is not intended to be a prediction or a prediction to anyone.

My goal is to help astrology predict the best for America.

The book is an attempt to show that the predictions are accurate, and that astrology is not a tool of prediction.”

SeelIG’s book was written with the intention of being a guide for astrologists.

He’s known for his work in astrology and astrology-related media, and he is one of the co-authors of the Astrology of the Stars book series.

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