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– MTV News – 09-10-2018 – 09:11:10The world is divided into four main regions:North Node: North of the Sun (Taurus)South Node: South of the Moon (Libra)East Node: East of the East (Capricorn)South Pole: South Pole of the Earth (Tau)North Pole: North Pole of The Earth (Capra)The planets of the solar system (Earth, Sun, Moon, Uranus, Neptune)are located in the North Node, which is the “north pole” of the Solar System.

This is the position where the Sun is, and the stars, planets and moons of the planets are.

The position of the North Pole is about 4,300 kilometres above the Earth’s surface.

This area is called the North Zone.

South Node (Sun): The “south pole” (Caprice)The South Pole is located at the “south” of Sun.

The Sun is not visible to the naked eye from this position.

The Moon is in the South Pole, and orbits the Sun in the same manner as Earth orbits the Moon.

The Earth is also in the “east” of this region, which can be seen from Earth.

The planets of Earth orbit the Sun and are located in our solar system in the Southern Hemisphere.

The planets, including our Sun, are also in a North Pole region of the sky.

The North Pole can be found about 4.2 million kilometres (2,500 miles) from Earth, about 4 times further away than the Sun.

To get a better idea of the position of a planet or moon in the sky, just look up and down in the direction of its apparent motion.

This way, you can see how the stars move, too.

When you look at a star from the north pole, you will notice the star is bright and is called a blue-white object.

When you look up at the star from its southern or “east side” it is called red-orange object.

The Sun is the most massive star in the universe, and is about 50 times more massive than the sun.

Its light is a little less than the luminosity of the sun itself, which makes it a little smaller than the diameter of a pinhead.

When the Sun goes into a supernova, it creates a burst of intense ultraviolet radiation.

The intense radiation causes the star to become a bright orange or red-white dot in the constellation Aquarius, with the star moving around the sky at about 50,000 kilometres per second.

This means that the stars are moving very rapidly.

The brightest star in our galaxy, the Crab Nebula, is the brightest star ever seen, which has a diameter of about 3,400 light-years.

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