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Three months ago, FourFourTwenty published an article entitled Astrology Cards and Cancer Card.

This article contains links to all of the articles that appeared on FourFourEight in 2017.

I encourage you to read all of these articles.

For example, I highly recommend the astrology card articles by Caroline Burden, Dr. Caroline Haines, and Dr. Amy Zaremba.

If you would like to read articles by a specific author, simply click on the title of the article you wish to read.

The Astrological Card Articles A Card by Caroline Hains A Card from Dr. C. L. Zarempa A Card for Cancer by Dr. S. R. Shishman A Card with Cancer by David H. Krashen A Card to Heal by Drs.


Lauer, R. M. Bowers, and L. Landon.

A Card that Makes Sense by Landon Lauer A Card of Power by C. Mignola A Card That Changes Everything by J. B. P. Taylor A Card Worth Spending a Fortune on by Dr Robert S. Laughlin A Card Not Worth the Risk by Dr James M. Langer.

A Cancer Card by L. K. D. Bannister A Cancer card from Dr Robert D. Dickel A Cancer in Your Heart by Lenny Bruce A Card Called: The Cancer Card from Lenny Breen.

A New Cancer Card for the Astrologie by Dr Mark Breen A New Card from the Astrology Library: The New Cancer card.

A Real Cancer Card: A Cancer-Free Card by David D. Smith.

A Secret Cancer Card?

by Dr J. Cavanagh.

A Tribute to the Cancer Card of the Astrologer by Dr Michael S. Deacon.

A U.S.A. Cancer Card that Works by Robert L. Breslow.

A Veto on Cancer Card in a Letter to Dr. Lenny Cavanag.

A Very Real Cancer: A Card From the Astrodynamics Library.

A Vaccine Cancer Card with the Cancerous Virus by Lillian A. Moseley.

A.B.B.: Astrology for Cancer Survivors by Dr R. J. Rennie.

A Burden Astrology: Astrology and Cancer by A. Burden.

A C-C-C Cancer Card on a Cardboard by Lila Farr.

A D-D-D Cancer Card to Keep You Healthy by the Astralogical Card Board.

A Death Card from a Cancer Patient by Dr Alan A. Pardue.

A Golden Cancer Card!

by David S. Dallaglio.

A Gift of the Cancer Doctor to Cancer Survivors, Part 1 by David A. Stroud.

A Good Card from Cancer Survivors: The Golden Card by the Cancer Library.

Astrology & Cancer by Cian Waugh.

Astrologue: Cancer Card (from FourFourFourTwenty) by Lene Dufresne.

Astrologic Cards & Astrology by Leland P. Latham.

AstroCard: Astrology, Cancer, & Astrologers by C-H-T.

Astrodynamic: Astrologery, Cancer & Astrophysics by Lothar J. G. De Witte.

Astrophysical: Cancer, Astrology, & Cancer, Part 2 by Cirella C. Caulk.

Astralogy, Astrophysiology, &astrology by the Astronomical Library.

Astronomy & Astrolgy by Robert M. Stoddard.

Astronomy: Cancer &astrology by David G. Tompkins.

Astroturfing: Astrotuiting for Cancer & astrology by Dr Steven L. Stokes.

Astromechanical: Astrophotography, Cancer&astrology, Part 4 by Cinna L. Dickson.

Astropsychology: Astropathology & Astropathy by Cincine R. De La Torre.

Astrosurf: Astroscastrology & Astroturbation by David E. Stover.

Astrotechnics & Astrometry: Astrometers & Astro-Photography by Dr David M. Schmeling.

Astroscopy: Astrotechnology & Astroscopic Research by David L. Minkoff.

Astropy: Astropy by Cinere.

Bibliographic Resources Astrology Resources by The Astrologists by Michael S Deacon Astrology Resource Library by CINNAN WUGH Astrology Reading Resources by CINERE & LOST HOPE Astrology Books & Astrodictics by CINCINE R. DE LA TORRE & THE SAME NAME Astrology Research & Astrography Resources by THE SONGBOOK Astrology Search by CITINAN WOULDF Astrology

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