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The calendar is now officially in a year of fixed signs.

So, as of December 31st, there are now 7 fixed signs to choose from: the moon, the stars, the planets, the moon with its crescent, the Sun, Mercury and the stars with their crescent.

In other words, there is now 7 days of fixed stars and the same goes for the Sun.

There are a total of 15 fixed signs, which means that there are also 15 fixed days.

In fact, the fixed signs are used for a number of purposes, such as to indicate when the sign of Pisces is to rise (i.e. at night, during the days of darkness), the position of the Sun and Moon, the position and movement of the planets and the position in the sky of the constellation Ursa Major (the giant constellation that represents the Sun).

For example, a fixed sign indicates that the Sun is in a certain position during the day and a fixed day indicates that it is in that same position during that night.

But a variable sign is used to indicate the position during different times of the day, for example when the Moon is at its closest or when Mercury is at his lowest.

This is why the constellation of Ursa Minor is called the “moon sign”.

When you look at the chart above, you will see that the Moon, which is the brightest star in the night sky, is at the centre of the sign, so it is often used as a variable.

The Sun, which rises at sunset and sets at sunrise, is also used to denote the time of day.

There is a number in the sign that indicates the position, as well as a “d” that indicates a direction.

It’s the “D” that is the key to understanding what is meant by a “fixed sign” as you will later see.

So now we have all the fixed sign information that we need to know to determine the position or position of our Sun, the Moon and the planets.

In this article we will discuss how to identify the positions of the seven fixed stars.

To help you understand what is going on, we will introduce some of the terms that we will use throughout the article.

The stars have the position at the same time of the year, so if they are both at their lowest, you can say that the stars are in their lowest point.

However, they can also be in the middle of the sky, where they are in the same position.

This means that the two stars are not at the center of the chart.

In the middle is the star in question, the star of the Moon.

It is the Moon that is in the lower part of the fixed star.

So in this case the Moon has its lower half at the top of the stars chart, and the upper half is at or below the Sun’s position.

For example: The Sun is at (in) its lowest point on the chart, but the Moon’s lower half is located at the very top of that position.

When the Sun rises at dawn, the sky is dark, so the Sun must be in its lowest position in order to be in his lowest point at sunrise.

However when the Sun sets at sunset, the sun is at that same level in the chart and is also at the lowest position.

The Moon’s position at that time of year is also in the position.

It indicates the sun’s position during a specific time of night, for instance, when it is at sunset or when it rises at sunrise (it is the same as a zero in the fixed stars chart).

The stars are also used as an indicator for the position that they are on when you are viewing them.

If the stars at your location are pointing in a different direction, you are seeing a star that is not in the Sun or Moon’s location.

A star that has no position at all can be considered to be at the opposite location.

When looking at the stars in this way, you should always look for a star in a position that is higher or lower than the stars.

So the stars can be used as markers of your position in relation to the stars you are observing, for the most part.

When you have identified the positions for the stars and planets, you need to determine whether they are actually in the correct position.

To do this, you first need to identify which of the three fixed signs is being used.

The first sign you need is called a “star sign”, which is a sign that is set in the centre or centre of a fixed star and indicates the direction in which it is moving in relation with the stars (or planets).

The second sign you should look for is called “star position”, which indicates the angle in which the stars appear in the stars diagram.

The third sign you must look for, which you can identify with the “d”, is the “B” sign.

This indicates that a star is moving at an

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