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Chinese astrological signs are used by astrologers worldwide to interpret the signs of the zodiac.

This article is for beginners to astrology and astrology topics.1.

Lunar Phase:The lunar phase is the time when the planets change their positions relative to each other.

Lunar phase is considered to be one of the most important signs in astrology.

When the Moon moves from its northern pole to its southern pole, it will have a significant effect on the planets.

The Moon will move from the west to the east of the solar system, which means that the planets will be closer to us than usual.

During the phases of the moon, the planets are usually aligned with each other, and the Sun will appear to rise over the horizon.2.

Mercury Phase:Mercury is the sign of harmony and love in the zod.

It is also considered to have the most positive influence on the weather, which is also the reason why astrologer use it as a guide to weather.

Mercury will be moving from its north pole to the south pole during the phases.

It will be the Sun’s closest star in the sky, and it will be in the same location every day.3.

Venus Phase:Venus is the symbol of peace and prosperity.

It represents love and happiness, and represents harmony in the universe.

When Venus is in the middle of the sky it will appear as a white diamond, and when Venus is close to the horizon it will make a beautiful golden disk.

The phases of Venus are also the same as the phases in the lunar phase, and therefore it will also be the same sign for both.4.

Mars Phase:Mars is the one that represents the end of the world.

It symbolizes death and rebirth, and is considered the sign that predicts the future.

When Mars is in its southern hemisphere, it is a star that will be shining brightly in the morning sky.

When it is in northern hemisphere, Mars will appear a white stone.5.

Jupiter Phase:Jupiter is the great deity that symbolizes strength and the strength of the earth.

Jupiter will appear in the northern hemisphere during the zenith phase, the phase of the Moon.

When Jupiter is in southern hemisphere during this phase, it becomes a star of a very dark color.6.

Saturn Phase: Saturn is the planet of wisdom and knowledge.

It has the opposite effect when the planet is in our southern hemisphere.

Saturn will appear when it is the opposite of the Sun, and will be a star with a red hue.7.

Uranus Phase: Uranus is also a planet of the skies and the sky.

It also is the most ancient and sacred planet of all, which has been observed by many civilizations.

It can also be found in the southern hemisphere of the Earth, so its influence will be felt when we are in the Southern Hemisphere.8.

Neptune Phase: Neptune is the fourth planet in the heavens.

It signifies the beginning of the beginning and the beginning to the end.

Neptune will appear at the beginning, and its influence can be felt throughout the world at this time.9.

Pluto Phase: Pluto is the third planet in our solar system.

It acts as a reminder of all the planets that are in our universe, and also as a protector.

Pluto will appear on the zeni (southern horizon) at this point, and if the planets move around, the planet will move towards us as well.10.

The Pleiades Phase: The Pleids are the four-colored stars that surround the Earth.

They will appear around the northern and southern hemispheres during the phase and will also appear in other areas of the globe.11.

The Virgo Phase: Virgo is the brightest star in our sky.

Its color will change during the night, which can cause people to feel a lot of fear.

At night time, Virgo will also have a bright light on it, which will make people nervous.

It may also cause people a lot to think about their future, and this is the reason people use it for their astrological readings.12.

The Libra Phase: Libra is the mother of all beauty.

Its light is always shining brightly, and as a result it can also make people feel nervous.

When Libra appears in the daytime, it can make people smile.13.

The Scorpio Phase: Scorpio is the ruler of the four cardinal directions, which in turn are the eight winds.

Scorpio will appear during the month of February, and during the months of May, June, and July.

The stars of Scorpio are the Scorpio asterism and Scorpio diadem.14.

The Cancer Phase: Cancer is the sixth sign in our sign table, which makes it very important for astrology as well as astrolobics.

Cancer represents vitality and hope, and can also influence health.

At this point in the month, it has the power to turn people into zombies.

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