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This year, the World Health Organization’s International Astrology Federation (IAAF) has declared astrology an official science, marking the first time that the field has been officially recognised by a scientific body.

The IAAF has made astrology the official science of all countries in 2020, with the International Astrological Union (IAU) making the declaration in 2018.

The IAU is the body that oversees the global astrological community.

The World Health Organisation, for example, has recognized astrology as a major health-related discipline, and Astrology 2020 was launched at its congress in Stockholm on July 6.

The International Astrologers Federation, which includes more than 100,000 astrologers from around the world, has also declared astrology as a valid science.

According to its website, astrology is “the science of the human mind, heart and soul”.

The IAF is part of the International Association of Astrologists, the world’s largest association of professional astrologists.

It is not clear whether the IAAF’s decision to declare astrology science was the result of the WHO’s initiative or if it was simply a reflection of the wider scientific community’s support for astrology.

However, the IAIF, which represents astrologer associations across the world and is the largest professional organisation of astrologians in the world with more than 25,000 members, is also one of the world´s biggest professional associations of public health professionals.

The announcement was made at a congress of the IAU in Stockholm, Sweden, which also saw a presentation by the IAF, the International Federation of Public Health Astrologaries and the IUCN-SSM Astrology and Earth System Science Committee.

Astro-geo-physicist Prof Joanna Wichmann, who is also a member of the IAFF, said the IAEF had made astrology a scientific discipline and that its recognition as a science was a “positive step” for the field.

“It´s very important for astrologors to have scientific credibility, and it is a sign that astrology has become an accepted science in the 21st century,” she told Al Jazeera.

“If you have a scientific theory that you believe is correct, and you believe it is, you are then able to be proven wrong.”‘

It is the science of your soul’Prof Wichman explained that astrologing is a “scientific way of interpreting the world around you”, which is what astrology means.

“You have to look at the world through your astrologist eyes and you have to take into account the physical and psychological aspects,” she said.

“Astrologers have to be aware of their souls and their emotions.

That´s why astrology should be taught in school, and how to treat people.”

Astrologing was not always accepted by the general public, according to Prof Wichmann.

“Before the advent of the modern era of science, astrologrists used to tell people about the planets and their movements, but the idea of astrology was just that – an idea,” she explained.

“Nowadays, it´s just a science.

There is nothing to lose, if you believe in astrology.”

For Astrologer Michael Phelan, an IAU member and professor at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, astrologirology is a science that has “become part of everyday life”.

“We have been able to look into our lives and see how our actions affect our bodies, the planet and the universe,” he said.”[The science] helps us understand our bodies better, how our emotions affect us, and so on.”

People do that with all kinds of things.

They don´t know how to explain it, so they call it astrology and say it´m just another form of magic.

“This is one of those science fields where it is actually the science, rather than magic, that is the magic.”

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