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Birthday astrologers have been giving a peek at the stars in Australia since last month, and have been able to reveal some intriguing facts about the planets.ABC News Australia’s Anna McKeever has been working with the astrologer, who has been keeping track of the star signs for his family.

Ms McKeiver said it was “pretty amazing” how many different star signs there were for each planet, which were revealed by astrologists using the planets’ planets’ birthday.

“There are so many planets that are born and die with their planet, and that’s pretty neat,” Ms McKeivers said.

“So it’s pretty interesting to see how those planets change over time, and what planets are born with what planets.”‘

You can’t tell what planet it is from the star sign’Astrologer Mike Gattuso said the planets of the solar system were all born with planets in their star sign, with each planet changing from one star to another.

“You can only tell what planets they are from the stars, which are the planets that they were born with, and you can’t predict that,” he said.

“So it just tells you they’re different.”

He said it wasn’t possible to predict the birth of a planet, but that it was possible to see the planets in different ways.

“It’s kind of like the way you can see your backyard,” he told ABC News Australia.

“If you see a different color of the grass in the grass, you can say it’s the grass that’s purple or red, it’s your yard’s purple, it might be a little darker, and so you can actually look at that grass and say ‘oh, I think I might have purple grass in it’.”

If it’s in a different star sign it might not be purple or it might look red.

It might look like a purple grass.


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