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A growing number of people are questioning the reliability of astrology and the claims that it can predict events.

The American Astrological Association (AASA) is trying to dispel the idea that astrology is based on superstition and the association’s new statement on astrology says, “The word ‘astrology’ means a series of signs, and the signs are based on ancient traditions.”

Astrology is “not a science and it is not a form of magic,” the statement said.

The association said the new statement will be the first step to improving the way people use and understand astrology.

The statement says astrology has been studied and used for centuries, and people in every culture are familiar with its methods and values.

The new statement said the science of astrological research is “in its infancy,” but that people should consider the science’s findings when they seek to understand the future.

Some of the questions asked in the statement include: What signs are the best indicators of future events?

What signs predict what will happen to us, our loved ones and loved ones’ loved ones?

How much does astrology predict the future?

The association also said people should know the science behind the science and be careful about interpreting it.

It says astrologers should not take the science at face price and should only make decisions based on scientific evidence.

What do you think about astrology?

Do you believe it to be accurate?

Is it scientifically valid?

Are you a member of the AASA?

Tell us in the comments below.

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