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Seoul, South Korea — A South Korean Astrology house is set to be torn down in South Kwondo province amid a nationwide campaign to protect the planet from the effects of human-made pollution.

The Astrology Association of South Korea (SAASK) is scheduled to announce Tuesday the demolition of the house in Seongnam City, the capital of the province, which is home to the South Korean capital Seoul.

SAASK, a non-profit organization, is a not-for-profit association of astrologers, and it is affiliated with the Association of Astrologers of South-Korean Peninsula (SAAPM), a non to profit association.

The house was built in 2005 to house astrologer Kim Yoon-jung, who is also the CEO of SAASN.SAASk is not opposed to the construction of a new Astrology Houses in the future, but has been concerned with the destruction of old ones that are deteriorating due to lack of maintenance.SAAPN is a non profit association that is the umbrella organization for Astrologer Associations in South-East Asia (SAAST) and the region.SAAST is composed of astrology associations from Southeast Asia and the Pacific region, which are working on a project to build a new house in the country, according to the association.SAASC is also looking into the potential of building a new astrological house in Seoul as well.

In December, the Seoul Metropolitan Government proposed the demolition or relocation of the Astrology Hall of the Hyuncheon Astrological Center, which houses the world-famous astrology institute and is home not only to the Hyungjong Astrology Institute but also to other institutes.SAAR has also been working to preserve the Astrology Hall of Hyuncheolgong Astrology College, which has been in Seoul since 1962, in order to protect its valuable heritage.

A study conducted by the South Korea Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT) found that the number of homes that have been built to protect Earth from pollution has risen from 7,700 to 19,700.

The MLIT’s study found that pollution has reached the point where it threatens the health of residents living near the pollution-prone area.

“The MLIT has conducted a number of surveys that indicated that pollution levels have become too high in the area,” said Kim Young-kyu, a researcher at the MLIT, in a recent interview with NK News.

“We have already started to demolish houses to prevent the contamination of our land.”

The MLitts study also found that more than 2,000 buildings were built in the past year to protect against pollution, but it also found the number has reached 10,000.

“It is unfortunate that there are still houses that are still built in this area, which pose a threat to residents living nearby,” Kim told NK News in a phone interview.

“As soon as we can find suitable homes for the building of new houses, we will demolish those buildings.”

Kim said that while it is a difficult situation, the MLitt survey also indicated that the city government’s plan to protect residents’ health is feasible.

“The city government has already started taking measures to protect our environment and we can expect the situation to improve as long as it is not hindered by the pollution,” Kim said.

According to the city’s environmental report, pollution in the Hyulgong area has reached hazardous levels, and the MLit has warned that the pollution in Hyulgiong is not going to stop anytime soon.

“Pollution is a problem for all of us,” Kim stated.

“However, it is going to get worse.”

While it is possible that a house will be demolished or the MLITT survey results will change, Kim said that the MLitte study has been successful in saving Hyulgyong, and will continue to help South Kookdo residents protect their health and safety.

“I believe that the results of the MLittle survey have been a good first step toward the city council’s plan,” Kim concluded.

_____________________________________________Korea Times reporter Eunji Cho contributed to this report.

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