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A man in his 40s has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety after an embarrassing incident at a nightclub.

The man is now in a mental health facility.

1:12 ABC Brisbane’s Ryan O’Neal reports.

The woman had been having a night out at the club with a friend and she had been with another man, who was also with the woman.

She was wearing a bikini.

The incident was captured on her phone, and her friend said the woman started crying as soon as she saw the video of the incident on her friend’s phone.

“It’s so embarrassing.

I was like ‘Oh my God, she’s crying!'” the woman told ABC Brisbane.

“I said ‘she’s crying’, she’s like ‘I’m not crying’ and I’m like ‘no, you’re crying’.” The woman said she had seen the video online and decided to share it.

“You know what I said?

I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” she said.

I got in the car, I got dressed, I went back to my house and she was crying.” “

And she was right.

I got in the car, I got dressed, I went back to my house and she was crying.”

She said she felt guilty about what happened and wanted to tell the woman she was sorry.

She also wanted to apologise to the woman’s boyfriend.

She said the couple were friends but they had not been seeing each other for a long time.

“So I just wanted to say sorry to my boyfriend,” she explained.

“Because I was just like, he doesn’t know how to deal with that.

It’s just like I shouldn’t have done it, so I don’t really know how he feels about it.

He didn’t even like me.”

The woman is currently in a residential treatment centre for mental health issues and will be staying with a relative while she works to make it right.

She says she does not want to become a “whore” in the process.

ABC Brisbane has contacted the woman for comment.

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