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A couple who used to work for Fox News has reportedly been dating since December 2016, but has yet to find love.

According to TMZ, Sean Hannity’s fiancee, Alicia DeBaca, told a local radio station she and her fiancee planned to get married on Monday.

DeBaca also told the station she hopes to find her “love” in the upcoming days.

Hannity’s daughter, Kaitlyn, told The Huffington Post the news will be “surprising.”

“They’re dating.

We’re expecting the wedding,” she said.

“We’ve just been in love for a year, and I think they’re getting ready for it.”

According to a statement on the Fox News website, the couple has been dating for a month.

“We are getting ready to get engaged on June 25,” it reads.

“Sean and Alicia have been dating over the past year, but it is not official yet.”

“We were hoping to get to know each other more, and the last few months have been exciting for us,” the statement continues.

“I’m so happy to be officially engaged and the world is a better place for that.”