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The Astrological Calendar is a little-known system that celebrates astronomical events in order to help people get more motivated and get out there and explore the world.

The calendar is made up of two parts: the Moon and the planets.

It was first created in the late 18th century by French astronomer Jean-Jacques Léger, who discovered that eclipses and solar eclipses are best when the Moon is in the sky and when the planets are in the same place.

Léger had to figure out how to put these two events together, so he decided to divide the planets into two different groups, the “Moonie” and the “Solarie”.

This system is called the Astrologic Calendar, after its creator.

Astra is a French word meaning “sun”, and is also used to refer to the planet Venus.

When Légers name for the calendar was released in 1895, it was considered a milestone in the development of science.

Astrological calendars are a common part of modern life, from greeting cards to the calendars on your fridge, so it was no surprise that astrologers were intrigued by the idea.

Many people, especially people who are astrologists, are fascinated by the Moonies and Solarie calendars.

One astrologer, a former NASA astronaut named Michael J. Goudie, who wrote The Moonies Calendar, has created a series of videos that illustrate why these calendars are so appealing.

He describes the system as: The Moon is at the center of our world and is the only true celestial body that has its own schedule, which is a calendar that is synchronized with the Sun.

And when the Sun is in Virgo, there’s a little asterisk at the top of the calendar that means that the month is going to start on Virgo.

So there’s actually a big difference between a lunar calendar and a solar calendar, which basically says that the sun is at its most active when the Earth is in Venus. 

Astrologist Michael J Goudee, left, and his wife, Liza, right, have created a YouTube series called Moonies or Solarie Calendar that shows why the Astrologers Calendar is so much fun to watch.

While astrologist and lunar calendar enthusiast, J Guddie says that he loves the Astrology comet video series because it’s a fun way to explain the Moon, Venus, and the Earth calendar.

“Astrology is one of the most exciting fields of study because it involves the intersection of astrology and astronomy,” J Guthrie said in a statement.

“Astrology tells us the future and how we can live our lives in the present.

And the Moon’s calendar tells us that we can be happy or sad with our lives.”

According to Goudies video series, the Astrophysical Calendar can also be used as a way to help astrologors prepare for their weddings, which can be a fun, educational activity. 

The Astrolagists Calendar is available for pre-order on the website, and will be released on January 5. 

According to J Groudie, astrology is a “truly global, diverse and rewarding field” that is “invented and taught by astrologators around the world.”

You can learn more about the Astology calendar here.