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Recode is reporting that a new study found that a subset of people’s beliefs about astrology are actually more accurate than others.

According to a study published Monday in the journal Psychological Science, when people view astrology as a guide to how to live a healthy life, they’re more likely to believe that astrology predicts good health.

The study found people who view astrological forecasts as part of a plan to achieve a specific goal were more likely than those who view them as part in a plan of a random course of action to believe the astrolabe predicted the right outcome. 

“The predictive ability of astrology was shown to be higher for those who believed it predicted good health,” said lead author Elizabeth Cappelli, a PhD student at the University of Chicago.

“People who believed that astrolabes predicted better health, or better outcomes for the same goal, were more willing to take action to achieve their goal.”

The researchers found that participants who viewed astrolabs predictions as a plan in the future were also more likely in the long run to pursue their goal.

“The fact that people see a specific, clear path to their desired outcome, that’s the one that gets them to think about their health more in a consistent way, the more likely they are to follow through with it,” Cappellis said.

“Astrology is a tool that people use to guide themselves,” she added.

“I think that’s really important, that we can use it to look at how we can better guide ourselves and also how we help others.”

Cappelli and her colleagues used a sample of 1,823 participants from the US National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, as well as an older sample from the University at Buffalo.

The researchers also used the results of a large follow-up study with participants who took part in an astrolactic education course.

In the older study, participants completed two separate tests of astrologiography, one asking participants to identify which of five categories of astrologic forecasts predicted good outcomes and the other which predicted ill outcomes.

The participants who saw astrolabiels predictions as part a plan for achieving a specific outcome were more inclined to follow the plan and to pursue that outcome than participants who watched them as random courses of action.

“The astrolaby forecasts were more accurate in predicting health than the predictions from random courses,” Cappselli said.

“But the forecasts were also predictive of a number of health outcomes, including the likelihood that participants would have children or live in a particular area.”

The study is the first to examine the impact of astro-logical forecasts on outcomes, the researchers said.

Participants in the older research who saw an astrologer predict a particular outcome were at higher risk for developing certain health conditions and were more apt to have high blood pressure, for example.

“This is important because it’s important to know that predicting health outcomes is important to health,” Capsi said.

While the research suggests that people who see astrola-logic forecasts as a tool in the planning process may be more inclined than others to seek out health-related advice, the findings don’t mean that the predictions themselves are necessarily the best predictor of health.

“We don’t know what the actual effects of the astrologers predictions are on the participants,” Capelsi said, adding that the data would need to be replicated in more studies.

“It’s a very important topic, because astrology, like everything in the world, is constantly changing,” Cappinga said.

But, “what’s most important is the direction of the change.”

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