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Science has been used to predict when and where asteroids will strike Earth and to protect human life.

The International Astronomical Union has said it is “highly unlikely” that the asteroid that hit Earth in late July will harm humanity.

But there are some signs it is changing its course.

It is also expected to bring about the destruction of many Earths infrastructure and infrastructure is not protected by space.

We’ve looked at some of the big questions about the impact of an asteroid that could kill us, and how science is helping us tackle some of them.

What is an asteroid?

An asteroid is a huge object that travels in space, orbiting the Earth at about 6,000 miles (11,500km).

It orbits at a distance of between 200 and 300 miles (322 to 468km) from the Earth.

Asteroids are often described as having an orbit of around 1,000 to 1,500 miles (1,800 to 2,000km).

In the event of an impact with Earth, the asteroid would impact with the Earth’s surface, causing a tremendous amount of damage.

The most powerful objects in space are asteroids that have an estimated mass of about 70 metric tons.

They are mostly made up of rock and water, which can be heated by radiation.

The vast majority of asteroids fall into a class called comets, which are asteroids in their own right.

They orbit the Earth in a way that resembles that of a comet.

In the case of an Earth-impact asteroid, the debris would be in a shape similar to a comet’s, but would be much larger, possibly up to 300 metres (98 feet) across.

What happens to an asteroid after impact?

Scientists are not entirely sure when an asteroid will hit Earth.

If it hits with enough force to cause serious damage, it would probably become a rock and fall as a meteoroid.

If a big chunk of the asteroid hits the ground, it could break apart, producing an impact crater.

The impact would probably cause a lot of damage, but it could also leave a large crater that could be filled with water and gas.

If the asteroid is struck with enough energy to destroy the Earth, it will probably go into a deep freeze.

A lot of the debris that could cause damage would likely be smaller, but smaller fragments of rocks, water and other particles would be thrown back towards the Earth with little chance of survival.

But it is still possible for an asteroid to hit the Earth without causing much damage.

A very small asteroid hit the moon in 2011, destroying a few bits of the moon’s surface and damaging a crater that was formed by the impact.

However, the impact didn’t have a major impact on the moon.

The moon is about one-tenth of the size of Earth, so if the impact caused only a small amount of harm, it might be possible to save the moon from a direct hit.

What are some examples of the kinds of impacts we might expect from an asteroid hitting Earth?

There are several types of impacts that could happen: An impact on Earth would create an impact zone that would be a crater.

A huge crater could form on the surface of the planet.

The surface of Earth is very rocky.

The rock could easily be crushed and the water could be heated.

The large amount of energy of an explosion on the Earth would likely destroy a lot or most of the buildings on the planet, including buildings in high-rise buildings and structures that rely on fire or other heat.

A big asteroid could produce a blast wave that would create a fireball, or a massive dust storm.

The dust would blow into space and scatter the sunlight.

The blast wave would then be reflected back to Earth.

The asteroid would then strike a high-elevation building, which could be damaged.

It would also be possible for debris from an impact to fall as an asteroid does, and for it to come down into a low-elderly building.

An impact could cause large amounts of energy to travel up and down the planet and cause fires, and it would also create large dust storms, which would scatter the sun’s rays.

How does the impact on a planet affect the atmosphere?

In a typical asteroid, as it travels around the Earth it passes through the atmosphere.

As it travels through space, it encounters a lot more matter than it encounters in space.

It interacts with it.

The amount of matter that it interacts with changes in the density of the air, which causes changes in temperature.

This causes the air to expand.

The air expands, creating a big volume of hot gas.

The more gas the object encounters, the hotter it gets, and the hotter the atmosphere gets.

This is called the cosmic microwave background (CMB).

What happens when an impact happens?

As an asteroid goes through space it passes by a lot.

When it gets close enough, it can get close enough to the Earth that it can affect its orbit.

It will pass close

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