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China’s Chinese astrology charts have taken a beating over the past week, with some showing some of the most bizarre and inaccurate predictions made in the country’s recent history.

Here are some of China’s most bizarre astrology predictions:The Chinese astrologer is the god of death and rebirth in China and, according to his theories, the world will end on Dec. 6.

His predictions also claim that China will be invaded by “evil spirits” and that the world’s greatest leader will be a Chinese man named Mao Zedong.

He also claims that the Chinese economy will collapse and that China’s leader will die in the next three years.

He has previously predicted the birth of a child with the title “the king of the world.”

The most disturbing of his predictions has to be his belief that the moon will disappear and that he will die of a heart attack.

China’s leader, Xi Jinping, is believed to be a “blood-thirsty maniac,” according to one astrologers’ report.

He is also accused of being an “authoritarian dictator” who is bent on destroying the country.

On his Twitter account, the astrologist posted a chart of Xi that included the word “reign” next to a picture of him holding a pen.

It said Xi was born in 1919, but there is no evidence that the ruler was born at all.

Xi’s astrological chart was first published in Chinese newspapers in 2013 and is considered by astrologists to be one of the worst in the world.

A Chinese state media outlet has repeatedly claimed that the “world’s greatest ruler” will be Xi Jinping.

The Chinese government has repeatedly denied the claims.

China has long been accused of using its astrology to manipulate the economy and sway public opinion, but astrology has become a tool in the government’s propaganda machine.

It’s unclear what influence Xi’s astrologic beliefs have had on his country’s astro-science system.

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