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In the year 2020, the 2020 astrology forecast for New York is expected to be a very big year for the city.

Here are some of the things to look out for when it comes to the city’s future.

The first is the coronavirus.

The city is expected in 2019 to see an increase in cases of the coronovirus, which is expected increase by around 30 percent in 2020, according to a new forecast from the New York City Department of Health.

Astrologer and author of the new book, Astrology Forecast for 2020, Dan Ariely says the coronivirus could also make New York’s 2024 elections even more competitive than it already was.

“We have a new coronaviruses and we have a lot of work to do to get our city back on track,” Arielys said.

“This is an opportunity for the City Council and the city to have a really good election.”

Another area of focus is climate change.

“As the climate changes, the likelihood of the planet’s average temperature continuing to increase, as it has done over the past 10,000 years, is a very real concern,” Ariley said.

In 2020, that increase will be projected to be 2.4 degrees, which will likely bring an increase of 4.7 degrees in the average temperatures.

According to Arieles calculations, the average daily maximum temperature in New York will increase by an average of about 1.5 degrees, and the average maximum temperature will increase an average 1.2 degrees.

Those extremes are predicted to be the top two weather events of 2020.

The second event is an asteroid impact.

According, in 2020 scientists believe an asteroid will hit New York in 2021.

The New York Daily News reported that the impact would create “the biggest and most powerful impact in the world’s history,” according to the newspaper.

“A major asteroid hitting the Earth would result in a magnitude 4.2 earthquake and potentially a large tsunami, and could cause an additional 9 to 14 feet of damage,” the newspaper said.

Arieley says it is highly unlikely that this asteroid impact will be catastrophic, but it could be a huge wake-up call for our world.

“The impact of an asteroid on the Earth, and that’s a big one, is one of the most catastrophic events on Earth,” he said.

The fourth event, the comet, could bring us back to the moon.

In 2019, the asteroid that hit New England in 2021 will make its closest approach to Earth, according the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

A few days later, in 2021, the moon will become the first to pass in front of Earth, in 2024, according Astrologers predictions.

“We can’t predict the impact of a comet, but we do know it is not very likely that a comet impact will not occur in 2020,” Arian said.

The last event is the end of the human race.

According Arian, it’s likely that the end times will occur in 2019, 2020, and 2021, all occurring in 2020.

“There’s not much we can do about that, but at least we can see that we are in trouble,” Aria said. 

Ariely thinks that the Earth will be on the verge of another cataclysm, possibly in 2024.

“It will be the biggest impact on our planet that has ever been.

The end times are coming,” he predicted.

In addition, “We are in a global climate crisis,” Ariel said.

It’s a global economic crisis that is expected “to take decades to resolve,” according Arian.

The 2020 forecast also says that the global population will grow from 7 to 15 billion people.

The year 2020 will also see a change in the relationship between the sun and the moon, which may be the most significant change since the beginning of human history, according Arielies predictions.

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