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India’s national astrology calendar is now a global phenomenon, according to a new report from global consulting firm BMO Global Advisors.

The new year marks the start of the next phase of the calendar, the Indian National Astrological Calendar (INAC), which is the first major revision of the date system since its inception in the 1950s.

In the new INAC, the date of January 1 is replaced by a date of April 21, the first date to fall in the solar year of April.

The year ends with the year of 100,000.

A few years ago, the calendar was changed so that the date in the year was not included.

The change in date has given rise to confusion and has led to many problems.

The most common cause of confusion is the calendar’s inclusion of April as a leap day.

But the leap day is a celestial date, and April is the same day as the Equinox, the day after the equinox on April 21.

In other words, the leap year in the Indian calendar is not a leap year, but a leap month.

The same is true for the month of May.BMO Global is one of the world’s leading advisory firms for global brands and financial services companies.

The firm’s astrology services are now available to customers in India, as well as to international clients.

The new INACA will be available in English and German in the coming weeks.BPM Global said that the INAC will be released in April.

The company says that the new date is a “great step forward” for India’s astronomy calendar, which has been based on the year-to-year calendar.

The latest INAC was released in March, but it has been under discussion for some time.

The INAC is a global calendar based on an astronomical year, and was introduced in 1953 by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who used the date to mark the end of the solar cycle.

The solar year has a mean of 1.618 years and a minimum of 1,933 years.

The astronomical year has an equinoklephic value of 365 days, which is equal to 1.365 days per year.

The change of the equinoctial date of the Indian lunar calendar to the solar calendar in 1959 led to a gradual revision of date.

In India, the current INAC has a date in 2017 of January 21, 2018, and is due to be published in April 2017.

The Indian Astrologiography Board (IAB), the body that oversees the INACA, said that it is committed to provide updates on the INACT calendar to all stakeholders in a timely manner.

The board said that changes will be made to the calendar based upon feedback received from all stakeholders, as per the INA, and the INACC is expected to be released by the end to 2020.

The IAB has said that INAC and INAC revision are the first steps towards a new calendar.

The next phase will focus on the calendar being aligned with the current year, with a goal to release the updated INAC by April 2021.

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