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Posted by IGN on March 06, 2019 04:07:51 A new astrology candle that looks like a modern version of the popular Star Trek bridge, but with an even better retro-styled theme.

The Gemini brand is known for its unique astrology design, and the new astrological candle comes with an extra set of stars.

With the Star Trek Bridge, you can use your eyes and ears to guide your astrologue, while the Gemini astrologies can be used as a reference guide for your astrology predictions.

The astrology candles are made of sterling silver, and come with a 12″ x 12″ canvas candle holder.

You can also use the candle to light up the night sky.

The candles are sold separately, and you can also buy them individually.

For $20 you get 12 candles, and $40 you get 24 candles.

There are also several styles of the candle, including a round, square and a triangle.

The square candle is the best-looking one, with the rounded bottom and top giving it a classic Star Trek style.

There is also a hexagonal version, which looks like the standard one, but has the stars in different colors.

The triangle candle has a very retro look with a retro design and the stars arranged in a row, like the original Star Trek.

The hexagonal candle has an almost retro look.

The round candle has more of a Star Trek look, with a slightly different color scheme.

The three-star candle has one star, three planets and two stars, as opposed to the original.

The candle holder is made of a metal alloy, and has a plastic case.

The base of the candles have a square candle, while there is also one with a triangle and one with three stars.

The two-star candles have one star in each of the three colors, while one with the triangle has two stars in the same color.

The four-star candlesticks are also made of metal alloy.

Each candle is made with a ceramic base, and can be polished to a mirror finish.

There’s also a silver-colored, silver-plated candle holder for those who prefer a more metallic finish.

The Gemini candle is an astrologie candle with 12 stars and three planets.

It’s available in four colors, and is also available in a silver, copper, or rose gold finish.

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